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Check out our New Bikini Model Miranda

Photo Credits: Tim Harshman & John Saraya

Hellow I'm Mirnda

I was born in Michigan oh about 20 something years ago (hehe)
Im about 5` 6 & 125 lbs with a 34DD/24/33 figure.

I'm polish(imagine that), Irish & Swedish ( guess thats where some um, ample attributes come from LOL)

I always admired beautiful playboy models & that kinda of woman, I guess
that comes from growing up with a father with a xtensive playboy collection !Which of course i stole
a few... i was a naughty girl! So when i turned 18 & saw thatI also had some of those UM special womanly qualitys, I went out
and got a job at a local Bikinni bar in Michigan that was VERY hard to get a
job at. At first I was VERY
unsure of myself I mean shoot most of the chicks that worked there were
professional models! Then I got the hang
of it and became more sure of myself and LOVED the job and also loved
getting to wear a dif sexy
bikini every day!But then it was time to move on .

I heard that there was going to be a new HOOTERS
opening a few miles away from me! So I went in while the construction guys
were still working on it!
& guess what ?? I got hired on the spot! no interview or anything! I loved
working at HOOTERS very much!
Customers were always asking for pictures taken with me and my autograph!!
During my job there I also did a few
SMALL modeling jobs for a lingerie store near by. I even did 2 calendars for
them & made the cover on one!& also modeled at the Detroit AUTORAMA (even
sold my posters!) 2
years in a row!

Unfortunately I was not very serious about modeling at the time I was
in college( veterinary . med) & did not pursue it. So I concentrated on
college for a while And ~trying to find myself~

But always missed being on cam, so I went out last dec. and bought myself a
computer & a webcam I BARELY new how
to turn the thing on but I was determined to learn! So I started doing LIVE
webcam shows & LOVED it & I taught
myself html & started working on my own site I noticed I was getting ALLOT
of attention on the internet! So I
went out and bought a digital camera! I was fortunate enough to attract the
attention of some of the BEST model
promoters on the net! & am now goin to be featured on 3 big modeling sites
for feb.I'm hoping these will be my big break.

Recently I came in 3rd for Miss Nude Internet, the funniest part about that
was I was one out of 150 contestants
& none of my photos were even full nudes! or even really photos. I came in
3rd with webcam grabs! In June I'll be shooting for
swimwear illustrated & hoping to test for muscle mag (keeping fingers crossed)

Im thinkin this will be a big year for me & am hoping to make alot of new
friends & contacts but most of all
enjoy myself! & hopefully if all goes well i can bring a little light &
happiness to just a few people!

Kisses Miranda

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