Darla Benfield
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Darla Benfield

General Information**
I have worked in the fitness industry for over 20 years, competed internationally, coached international athletic teams, and now run an exclusive personal training studio for women.  Coupled with my knowledge base and life experience, I am able to inspire and motivate women to be the best they can be, and adapt a fit lifestyle at any age.  I believe that age should never be a limiting factor with getting healthy, being sexy, achieving confidence, or boosting self esteem.  My motto:  STAY HEALTHY!!!!!

Age **
42 (yes this is right!!!!)

Email **

Web address**
www.fitness-4-you.com and My Space http://www.myspace.com/fitness4you

Your Height **

Your Weight **
125lbs (I maintain year round…..Walk the Talk)

Measurements **

Hometown **
Placer County California

Hobbies **
Working Out, Camping, Hiking, Fishing, Anything active outdoors, Quality time at a nearby coffee shop, Baking, and spending time with my Family, Friends, and Boyfriend

Will you accept email from visitors.
I Love to read email from visitors enjoying my personal Web Page

List any Modeling experience.
Professional status.  Signed my first modeling contract at 40….Yeah!!! Since then I have worked with many wonderful photographers and continue this part of my fitness career today.

List any TV, Film, Print exposure.

Published in Tosca Reno's "The Butt Book"
Published in Oxygen Magazine
Published in Women's Tri Fitness Magazine
Published in Local Print Ads
Intro Cover Fitness Models Magazine.com
Feature Model Fitness Models Magazine.com
Feature Model Orange Photography.com
Feature Model GeneX Magazine Forum
Feature Model Muscular Training Development.com
Feature Model Split Vision Photography
Model of The Month Sept 2005 Split Vision Photography
Feature Model Extreme Fitness.com
Feature Model Lean Ladies.com
Feature Model Kind Industries.com
Feature Model Fitness Dream Team.com
Bix Copa Swimwear Model
One Model Place ID# 295953
Feature Model Twenty and Hot.Com
Feature Model Muscles of Dee Kay
Feature Model SuperSexy Heroines

List any training/special skills.
Degrees in Biological/Life Sciences
AFAA Certified Personal Trainer
WTF Certified Personal Trainer
Intensive First Aid/CPR Training
Feature Fitness Writer for On line Magazines
Fitness Consultant
Licensed Certified Massage Therapist

Photo Credits.
Gene X Hwang
CCT Photography
Thomas Oed

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