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The sensual

Heather Pariso

Size 1/2 dress               Size 8 shoe
Location: Ohio

Contact: 330-447-1844 or heather@formmodels.com

1990 TEEN Magazine, Jan
1991 Swimsuit International, September
1992 Model Review Magazine, Jan
1993 Swimwear Illustrated, April
1993 Shout Spring Break
1993 American Swimwear, Spring
1996 Audio Magazine, Spring Break Coverage, July
1997 Playboy, Aug, editorial Bike Week section, (no nudity)
1998 Watercraft World, Ad girl, Nov
1998 Swimwear U.S.A, Apr
1998 Swimwear U.S.A, Aug
1999 Swimwear U.S.A, Spring Preview Issue
1999 Fit Quarterly, Cover, Summer issue
1999 Player’s Choice, Feb Cover
1999 Swimwear Illustrated, September
2000 Playboy, April, editorial Spring Break section,(no nudity)
2002 One Model Place, client commercial image, IN
2002 Hot Bike, Bike Week Coverage, November
2004 AbGone Feature Model in ad, various publications

2004 NitroForce Ad Campaign, various publications
2004 Autumn edition Teeze Magazine, featured model
2005 Supreme Magazine, Florida based magazine
2005 Abdominal Equipment model, commercial shoot, OH
2005 Biketoberfest Attractions guide cover shot, FL
2005 In Touch Magazine, Ab product
2005 Us magazine promotional advertisement for weight loss product
2005 Bonita Magazine, August Issue
2005 Top Pairs Magazine, September Issue, ad for BM Wear
2005 IZM Magazine, month undetermined
2005 E Girl News Magazine, July/Aug issue
2005 Playboy Sexy Girls Next Door, Special Edition October, 6 page spread
2005 E Girl News Magazine, September issue
2006 Playboy Vixens Feb/Mar issue
2006 Top Pair Poker Magazine, April/May issue
2006 E Girls, March issue, model spotlight
2006 June Truckin Magazine
2006 September E Girls News Magazine
2006 Red Skye comics, character, Rose Red

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1992 Ujena
1998 Hot Waves, Cover
1998 Oklahoma Bikini Team Cover
2000 Girls of Cleveland, 2000 Girls of Fantasy, 2000 Hit The Beach
2003 WONE Women That Rock, May
2004 Me You See Real
2004 HornDog State University
2004 Webgirls
2004 Ms Bikini

2004 CafePress
2005 CafePress
2006 Cincy A list
2007 Cincy A list

Pageants and Competitions

1991,92,93,95,96,97,98,99,2000, Razzles Nightclub, Daytona Beach, FL
1989 Ohio Miss Teen Pageant
1991, 1994, 1995, 1997 Miss SWI Ohio Finalist
1992 Seventeen Mag Model Search Semi Finalist
1994 Naked Iguana Nightclub, Myrtle Beach SC
1994 Miss Tuscarawas, Week 1 winner, 2nd in finals
93,95,96,97 HoJo's Party Complex, Daytona Beach, FL
1995 Sadie Renee's Nightclub, OH
95, 96,97 Whitehall Complex, Daytona Beach, FL
95,96,97,98 Point Break Nightclub, Daytona Beach, FL
1997 Miss Venus Swimwear Ohio
1997 Gilly's Pub 44, Miss Jim Beam, FL
1997 Miss Hawaiian Tropic, WV finalist
1997 Miss Daytona Beach Bike Week, 1st Runner Up
1997 American Dream Girl, Top 100 finalist
1998 Miss Florida Bike Week
1999 Sprint Spring Break on the Beach, FL
1998 Excelsior-Henderson, finalist
1998 Squeeze Inn Pub, FL
1999 National Bikini Contest, 1st Runner Up
1999,2000  701 South, Daytona Beach, FL
1999 Best Western on the Beach, FL
2000 National Bikini Contest 2nd Runner Up
2001 National Bikini Contest, 3rd Runner Up
2002 Stardom Nightclub, 1st runner-up, OH
1992-2003 Miss Hawaiian Tropic Finalist Runner Up

2004 5 Swimsuit competitions won in Daytona Beach during Spring Break
2004 4th in Ohio state Hawaiian Tropic finals
2005 Miss Bike Week, FL


1994 Bridal Show, Tuscarawas County
1994 Harley Davidson show, Dover OH
1999 Columbus Boat Show, Everything but water swimwear show, Columbus
1999 Cache Christmas Show, the Limited Co. Columbus OH
2004 2005 Columbus Fashion Show, Columbus OH, Nu Source clothing co.
2005 Paws for a Cause Humane Society Runway Show
1990 Mitchell's Studio
1991 Times Reporter Fitness Special
1992 Ray’s Nice Cars
1993 Ray’s Nice Cars
1996 Daytona Bike Week, Pay Per View, FL
1997 Performance Racing, Convention Center, OH
1997, 1998 Big Sky Productions, Bike Week, SD and FL Interviewing guests
1998 Guest on the Cool Ghoul Show, OH
1998 Fists of Thunder, Commercial Girl, OH
1999 Cabo San Lucas Tourist Video
2001 MediCap Pharmacy
2003 E! Television, feature for Sleek Online

2004 E! Television, feature for Wild On Spring Break
2004 LasVegas Extreme Video footage
2005 “As Fast as She Can” PG rated movie, attorney role
2005 “Spa City” mini-series, primary role, 4 episode
2005 Friday night Channel 52 Horror Movie classics, Co-host 6 episodes
2006 AB Gone TV commercial for national release
2006 Bud Light commercial to run throughout winter 2006
2006 Channel 3 News Cleveland, special interview feature on Playboy/celebrity, OH
2006 Exercise Video, demo model for Rayhan Jalollie and David Derth, OH
2006 Spooky Movie TV Show Co-host, 8 episodes
2006 Sports Time Ohio , AMA live coverage co-host
2006 ExTreme Team stunt model for Vintage Bike Rally at Mid-Ohio
2006 Caprice, film trailer actress for investors, August OH
2006  Naturally Thin commercial
2006 Spooky Movie Marathon, co-host, 2 spots, Channel 29, OH


1995-1996 Budweiser Various locations
1996 Bacardi Daytona Beach
1996 Absolute Vodka, Daytona Beach
1996 Gilly Suit, Gun and Sports Show, OH
1996 First Visa OSU Stadium
1997 Whitehall Spring Break resort, Daytona Beach
1997 Goldenschlager, FL
1998 Venus Promo Girl, Spring Break, FL
1998 Ring Girl Toughman Contest, Canton
1998 Construction Expo, HK Phillips
1998, 99, 2000, 2002 Camel Girl for Bike Events
1999 Covergirl Testing, Ames Stores
2000 Las Vegas Convention Center for AI Convention January
2003 Scorchers Golf Outing June
2003 Poison Concert promotion May
2003 Cinco de Mayo promotion-Corona May
2003 Canton Civic Center Ring Card Girl July
2003 Wing Warehouse Live Promo July
2003 The Level promotion for HDSU
2003 Cherokee Hills Golf Outing
2003 Stoli Vodka Holiday Promotion, Cleveland

2004 600 North Miller Lite promotion
2004 Captain Morgan, Cleveland OH
2004 Fabolous Concert, Promo girl, FL
2004 Vanilla Ice Concert, Promo girl, FL
2004 Digital Underground Concert, onstage promo, FL

2005 Bike Week, Daytona Beach FL
2005 Spring Break promotions, Radisson, FL
2005 Guitar Center Grand Opening, Boardman OH
2005 US Smokeless Tobacco, Columbus Anger Management Concert Tour
2005 US Smokeless Tobacco, Toby Keith concert
2005 Game Manufacturer’s Convention, Columbus, Lonestar Poker
2005 US Smokeless Tobacco, James Taylor concert, OH
2005 US Smokeless Tobacco, Hank Williams Jr. concert, OH
2005 US Smokeless Tobacco, Alan Jackson concert, OH
2005 Nextrade company convention, Chicago
2005 US Smokeless Tobacco, Brooks and Dunn concert, OH
2005 US Smokeless Tobacco, QH Congress and PBR challenger, OH
2005 Colonial Fitness Sports and Courts, Playboy signing, OH
2005 In The Click OMP based seminar, co-host, guest speaker, OH
2006 CES Convention Las Vegas for KNG America, booth attendant
2006 Cleveland Motorcycle Show, Progressive Insurance spokesmodel, OH
2006 Cincinnati Motorcycle Industry Tradeshow, Tucker Rocky Apparel, model OH
2006 UFC Canton Civic Center championship, Playboy appearance, OH
2006 Biker's Atlas Daytona Bike Week, Playboy Appearance, OH
2006 Daytona Bike Week Full Moon Saloon, FL
2006 Daytona Spring Break MC , FL
2006 Ken Fishcer Seminar, model host, OH
2006 Model sponsor for the Sports Critic, merchandise hand out
2006 Dove Promotion OH, management
2006 Suave Promotion OH, management
2006 Nivea Promotion OH, management
2006 Rite Aid grand opening, management
2006 In The Click, co -host, speaker for OMP, OH 3 events
2006 Jamboree in the Hills, Copenhagen girl, model sampler, OH
2006 Dove Cool Moisture product sampling, 6 locations, OH
2006 Axe Clix product sampling, manager, 4 locations, OH
2006 Stride Gum product sampling, manager and samper, 12 locations OH
2006 Motorcycle Junk AMA partner, model, Mid Ohio July , OH
2006 Discovery Health Channel, Hall of Fame Week event, sampler, OH
2006 CamoSkins.com, Deerasic event, spokesmodel,Cambridge OH
2006 Plumberex, Famous Supply Cleveland Tradeshow, OH
2006 Playboy Golf Outing, organizer, OH
2006 Hawaiian Punch/Egg Beaters , OH
2006 Tylenol, OH
2006 Go Fast Energy Drink, OH
2006 Management, Cirque Show, Montego Bay
2006 Bank Arena, cincy a list promotion
2007 Vonage, CES convention, Las Vegas

1991-1993 H&M Cycle Harley Davidson
1999 Yukon Fitness Equipment
1999 Rod’s Western Palace
1999 Dreamscapes Lingerie
1999 E-biker catalog
1999 Dreamscapes Lingerie
2004 Set Apart Biker Clothing
2005 BM Swimwear
2006 Stylin Concepts, OH truck acces
2006 BM Swimwear

2003 LemmeCheck Entertainment, Feature Model March
2003 93X Hot Chick of the Day
2003 Feature on OMP during June 6th to June 16th
2003 Imzine October Cover model
2003 WideMag featured model
2003 Mystique Magazine Model Safari, Top 100 out of 870 models
2003 One Model Place Lingerie Model Search, 8th place out of 423 models
2003 Low Fat Diet, spokes model
2003 Dave and Ward Show
2004 Top Model of the Internet (only model to receive this 2 times)
2004 Mystique Magazine Model Search, 20th place out of 640 models
2004 Procappers Weekly, July edition cover model
2005 Models R Us contest winner
2005 93x Hot Chick of the Day

2005 Sonic Weathergirl
2005 October Bullzeye.com feature spread
2005 NJBT feature model
2006 NBX Feature Model Feb 7th
2006 Lemme Check Feature Model February

2004 Blossom Music Center, Kid Rock

Stock Shoots
The Loft

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