Laurie Steele
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Laurie Steele

Hi! My name is Laurie Steele, and I am a fitness model/bodybuilder. I was born and raised in the Northwest. I moved out to Las Vegas for a while to do some professional fitness modeling. Now, I am back home and very excited about my new adventure, my website! On my site you will see various types of pictures of me, with many different themes. I take several of my own pictures with my own digital camera, so I can update in a timely manner. I really love to be creative with my pictures and have tons of fun in the process.
I am very serious about fitness and my body. I train six days a week and try my best to eat as healthy as I can. My stats are as follows,

Hips: 36
Arms: 15 1/2
Legs: 24

My weight usually stays at around 160 lbs. I am 5'6". I get up to around 170 sometimes.

Take care!
Laurie Steele

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