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Raunchywear – the world’s sexiest swimwear

Raunchywear is a passionate, professional swimwear and clothing company with headquarters in Adelaide, South Australia.
 We dived into the swimwear design market in 2004 with our visually exciting, innovative and creative products.
We are a 100% owned and operated Australian company that manufactures all products from our headquarters in Adelaide.
Raunchywear does not compete with mainstream swimwear companies, as we offer our customers unique designs individually fitted to them.

Who buys Raunchywear swimwear?
Girls who are playful, confident, with exhibitionist tendencies! They know what they want, and know that Raunchywear products will make them look great and feel comfortable.
Our female customers are generally sizes 8 - 14, and may not be the standard body shape – a larger bust or wider hips don’t always suit off the rack swimsuits sold in department stores, and swimwear by Raunchywear guarantees the right fit and a sexy look.

Unique sizing
Raunchywear products are completely unique in their sizing – product coverage and body fit is determined by an exclusive sizing system where not only general measurements are taken into account, but also coverage. No other swimwear manufacturer offers coverage options like we do!
Our exclusive coverage system difference is the bottom measurement – by also measuring the vertical distance from the top of the garment at the front, through the legs to the top of the garment at the back, we give our products a fit that surpasses our competition.
We also size tops using both the rib and bust measurement, where our competitors typically only measure the bust.

Mixing & matching
Raunchywear products are made from the highest quality grade swimwear fabric imported from Italy, containing 20% Lycra. There are absolutely no restrictions on our customers mixing and matching the styles, widths, and fabric colors of tops, bottoms, and bindings to create truly personal swimwear.

Raunchywear is exclusively an eBusiness.
Our designs are not sold in stores or to other manufacturers or buyers, and our stock is never stockpiled waiting for a sale. We sell to customers all over the world – it’s always summer somewhere!
We focus on turning around website orders in 24 hours or less, and always offer our customers email and phone support.

Our approach to design, testing and manufacturing allows us to quickly change or tweak designs and colors to fit a rapidly changing market place.
Raunchywear products are extensively tested prior to release, and we keep all our design, manufacture, sales, and customer service in-house for total quality assurance – there are no middlemen in our business, therefore we can totally guarantee the quality of our workmanship.
We also launch one new product per month to keep our product mix fresh.

More information
To learn more about the Raunchywear success story, contact:

CherylAnn Falconer

Director | Commerce & Marketing


Cell | +61 431 583 323

Ian Falconer

Director | Design & IT


Cell | +61 411 350 836

Also see our website at http://www.raunchywear.com for more information on our unique sizing, pricing, and product shots


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