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Playmate, Photo Model

Sanja Matice

Q:When and where were you born?

A: I was born in Austria on 23 Decemer 1978.

Q: How did you become a model?

A: One day I was at a photographer’s studio. I wanted to make some pictures for my boyfriend.
The photographer told me that I really moved naturally in front of the camera and
that I was really photogenic. So I did my first professional modeling in January 2000.
But these first efforts didn’t work out as well as I would have liked. I tried to get work through an agency, but not very much came of it. Then I bought a cam and start my homepage.
I really love dedicating myself with all my energy to the site. I’ve tried to make it the best
site I can, a site that you will want to come back to again and again.

Q: What are your most successful or exciting modeling jobs so far?

A: The succesfully so far was Prefect10 shooting. On August 2002 I became
Playmate from Croatia and on November 2002 I became Playmate from Brazil.
On 2004 I had a shooting with Mystique Magazine and it was my best shooting
which I had so far. Mark Daugh works other as other photographers,
every set has a story.

Q: In general, what do you think of a modeling career?

A: I love modeling. Its a hard but also a great job.
I travel a lot and see interested places.
To be honest ... both, but i guess ill try to force the opportunity as a model
i think im not the actor , im a to honest person for that ....
also my English is currently much to bad, i got allready some offers to play
some basic characters, but i don´t agree so far.

Q: What can people expect to see if they join your site ?
A: tons of high quality exclusive erotic pictures , videos my Live streaming webcam + Voice
daily high res picture an a lot more ... i update my site myself at least every week there are currently more than 13 000 pictures of me and 99,9 % are exclusive.

Q: Do you ever get a chance to go to any of the adult webmaster conventions in Europe ?
A: no ... and i never think i will , im not a company i run my site almost alone , just for some tech stuff i have my webmaster.

Q: You're obviously in great shape. Do you workout regularly
and do you watch what you eat?

A: I never in my life have done any diets, because I love eating. I say thx to mother nature which has present me such a body. I also don`t do some special workout.
I just walking every day with my dog on the forest and i do gymnastic.
Sometimes I ride my bicyle.

Q: What is your favourite food?

A: My favourite food is Austrian and Italian food.

Q: What are your hobbies?

A: My hobbies are walking in the forest (I love to be on the nature), swimming,
diving, dancing, skiing, my pets and of course my website.

Q: Do you have pets?

A: Yes, I could not imaging to life without pets.
I have two cats ( Mickey and Gibsy) and one dog (german sherpard, calls Lassie)

Q: What are your turn-ons?

A: Honesty, reliability, a good sense of humor, a love for animals.

Q: What are your turn-offs?

A: Dishonesty, conceited people, lack of character, pollution of our environment,
braggart and envier.

Q: Have you given any thought to what you might do after your modelling career?

A: I would keep my website, how long it works. And then maybe I will make my own modelagency, but I would prefer to become an actress.

Q: You have travelled quite a bit. Do you have a favorite place you have visited?

A: Thats a difficult question, because for me has every country
something nice and that the whole world is pretty.

Q:In general, how would you describe your "ideal man"?

A: For me its the character the importants thing.
He should be hoest, love animal, have homour, not be lazy.
And the look: blue or brown eyes, good teeth, nice hands, has to be a good body.

Q: If money were no object:
what car would you drive? Where would you live?
Where would you go on vacation?

A: I would drive a Ferrari. I would have a house with a farm in Austria and
I would also have a house in California at the beach.
I would make a trip around the word.

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