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HOT Suzi Simpson


I was born November 16, 1968 in Athens, Greece. (Yes, I am a Scorpio, the sex sign of the zodiac. What else could you have possible been expecting!) My father was a young Navy officer from "Happy Days Land" in Wisconsin and my mother, a young flight attendant from New York. Talk about an odd couple. The blending of these two, tied me into so may ethnic and religious backgrounds that I can't possibly call myself anything but an American. I was the oldest of four children. I have a sister and two brothers. We always had lots of pets and lots of people around our house. We moved around a lot because my da d was in the Navy, so I became very outgoing. The nice thing my dad being in the Navy is we mostly grew up around the ocean. We spent most of my childhood in Virginia Beach, Maine, Florida and Malibu, California.

After my freshman year of high school I moved from Malibu to Northern Virginia. I was not looking forward to leaving Malibu! I was what you would call a tomboy, surfing and having a lot of outdoor fun. I loved the California beach life. In this picture, I'm the girl on the far left. Note that my friend Jackie wrote "tit power" on my uniform. My sister and I got teased a lot for having big breasts in high school. We just kind of rolled with the punches.

In this picture, me and two friends of mine are standing outside my high school, and mooning infront of the convent on a dare. I'm the one in the middle. St. Mary's Academy was an all girls Catholic High School with nuns and uniforms. It was afar cry from what I was used to. I became a little rebellious. I was never a big drinker or smoker, but I was definately the Class Clown. I would do anything for a laugh.

My father decided it was time for me to do something with my life and entered me in the Miss DC Teen USA Pageant. Much to my surprise, I won. With a title under my belt, I became instantly popular, but I learned the lesson very young that true friendship means more than popularity. My high school sweetheart went to VMI and I became their Homecoming Queen. For a while there, my ego started to outgrow my body.

My mother, once again, decided to do damage control. She would scold me with her thick New York accent, and say things like "I don't know what you're admiring, your ass looks fat in those jeans," and "you know with make-up you're a pretty girl, but without it you're not so hot!" Then my father got me a job at a mess hall at the Marine Corps Base in Quantico Virginia, where I worked 12-hour days all summer long at $5 hr. I was feeding Marines breakfast, lunch and dinner and sweeping and mopping floors the size of a gymnasium. (Very effective damage control!) I saved money for college and off I went to study dental hygiene. I was doing great academically as an honor student when my bank ran dry and I didn't know what to do to pay my tuition.

I started to model. My first big assignment was a Pepsi commercial with Michael Jackson. Then I did an ad for Joico perms. That's a joke because my hair never held a perm, and I have a difficult time having it hold curl. I also did ads for Ultima II make-up, Woodward and Lothrop Department Stores, and lots of little jobs here and there to help pay off the rest of my college. When I graduated, I headed back to Malibu, and I modeled mostly.

I did swimwear and calendar jobs. Then I was almost raped by a non-reputable casting director, so I gave up modeling for good. Then one day I bumped into Playboy photographer David Mecey at a photo lab. He tried to get me to test for them. "Oh, Hef wouldn't want me. I am just not the type that is going to sit around the mansion and chase him and all of his friends." David just laughed and said, "Suzi, it is not like that. It is very professional and you never do anything you don't want to do."

Well, the rest is history and I'm very grateful to Hef for making me Miss January 1992 and to all of my supportive fans. It has launched an incredible modeling career and a life that most people only dream of. So I wanted to make a nice site for my fans and this site is personally designed by me for you!!!

Send me lots of e-mails with ideas and suggestions and anything you would like to know. I'd love to hear from you.

Love Suzi :)

Check out my official web site Here

© All photos copyright of Suzi Simpson

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