Zsuzsanna Ripli
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Zsuzsanna Ripli


My name is Zsuzsanna Ripli (Susanne). I was born in Szigetvár, under the Zodiac sign of Aries, which denotes a very energetic, self-confident, high-spirited individual. Well, this description fits me. I’m always on the move. I was trained as a hair-dresser, but right now I work as a model. I travel a lot at home and abroad as well. It’s part of my job, but I also like traveling as a tourist. I like to get to know the culture of the country I’m visiting, it’s traditions and life. Naturally, I always find some time to party. I prefer garden parties, but I also like sitting with friends sipping a glass of wine.
I love international cuisine, especially the Thai and Italian flavors. Bangkok is one of my favorite cities and I just love Thailand. It’s an incredibly beautiful country. I need to mention Barcelona as well, and Spain in general.

I’m very fond of animals. I've got a dog called Ördög (Devil). But my favorite animal is my cockatoo. I call him Totyi. He’s such a cool bird, he loves napping with me.

Sports are also very important for me. I like swimming, jet-skiing, aerobic, riding on a motorcycle. And needless to say, I love pampering myself. Thai-massage is the best!
I’m living in Budapest now. I never actually planed becoming a model, but I’m very glad I started modeling 2 years ago. Finally I’ve got a job that I love!

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